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When Was The Last Time You Used FUN to Motivate?

I found this experiment called The Fun Theory (by VW) and I remembered one of the big big mistakes that CEOs and HR Managers do: they ignore the fun factor. Sure for some that means telling a joke or making fun of their subordinates, usually in front of the entire management team… but (returning to reality) rare are the organizations where employees come to work for this and that and because it’s fun!

Just think about it: too early morning hours, car frozen, traffic jam, swearing, spilling coffee over the too expensive no good new shirt, trying hard to say “good morning” to everybody in the elevator – and smile – only to receive no word back and only frowning like ”we’re too busy for your stupid good morning”… to finally enter the office and find an equivalent of this:

All it takes is a little creativity and the willingness to do it. Plus you can find so many good ideas for a small budget, should you invoke the crisis as to why you haven’t done this at work so far.

So… Have fun!


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