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A Simple Exercise To Get A Miracle For Christmas

What is a miracle, if not giving up expectations or ”truths” about the right path and being open to experience life especially as we don’t know it or as we are not accustomed to perceive it? You do agree, don’t you? You know this all too well. But in case there is a part of you that has forgotten, here is a simple exercise to get a miracle for Christmas! Ready?


Go! 🙂

Next time someone smiles at you, stop thinking it is all because of you and realize that it’s a choice they make and one that has little to do with what you expect. Surely you remember some of the times when you craved for a smile, yet instead all you got was frowning or “a sour look”… So now, when someone is smiling at you, ask yourself why does s/he do it. Could it be a miracle?

Just as it could be a miracle when you smile at other people and you can’t quite explain why, except that there is something about them that seems to touch something inside you. Aaah! And you say S/He makes me smile when, in fact, they don’t! It is your beauty, or your innocence, that responds to them by smiling. They don’t have the same effect on everyone. (You know, even the world’s most beautiful people sometimes trigger feelings or expressions that do not come with a smile)

Now, surely everything could be explained in terms of chemical reactions of the brain. But that doesn’t make your smile less than it is: a miracle! Because explaining how something functions doesn’t imply you are forced to do it. Explaining it doesn’t make it anything less than how you feel it to be. That is where the magic lies. When logic and expectations can’t take away the amazement.

And step two:

Think of someone you love. Yes, you’re smiling. How does it feel to be smiling? In a world of information and knowledge, in a world of competition and “I have no time, I feel the days are getting shorter”, how does it feel to take some time and feel what is like to be smiling?

Just because you know who you are, how your body functions, what you like and how you react to things, doesn’t mean you are less than a miracle yourself. Don’t let anybody take that away from you! Maybe this is what Christmas is also about, reminding you what you really are. So be with yourself this Christmas. Call back all the desires, thoughts or feelings of longing you have sent far from you, in the hope they will return with gifts for your heart. You be your own gift this Christmas.

And share your miracle with the ones you love and who love you back 🙂

(foto: Portret de copil, Nicolae Tonitza)


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