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Getting Through The Day

We seem to live in a world of extremes, where there is room only for extra-ordinary people. Media bombs us every day with news and stories of individuals who have either gone below the lowest stage of humanity and did wrong onto others, or have raised above its highest expression, accomplishing things that seem impossible to us, “the ordinary folk”.

In between, we remain disconnected with what, we find, “matters”, and we start to feel stuck. Decent, moral and bound by common sense, we naturally keep out of the world of the scandalous and sensational. And thank God for that! Yet talented, hard-working and nice, we don’t seem to reach the peak of the other side either. There is always a gap between what we call success and what is advertised as success, and therefore taught onto us, step by step, day by day, until the mirage starts to take over our entire life.

Not having to either fight misfortunes or enjoy the delights of extra-ordinary success, where do we stand?

For a change…

…I’d like to attend a seminar or read a book/an article that says Hey, it’s all right! You know, the way you are is just fine. Not seeking to reach a goal compulsively is fine. Not trying to be positive every day is fine. Not forcing yourself into believing that you can do anything you want, when you feel that you actually can’t, is natural. Accepting your limits for the day is actually a good thing, since it prevents you from wasting energy into endeavors you’re not prepared for yet.

…I’d like to hear a “guru” say I hear you. Just that. I hear you, no but after. Bad days are normal, days when nothing seems to be going your way exist. I too feel this, from time to time. Everybody does. Sometimes, it takes longer than a day. You may feel the need to stop trying, stop fighting, stop striving, stop persevering, stop anything for a while. It doesn’t make you a weak person. It doesn’t make you a lazy person. It doesn’t make you bad or unsuccessful. And it shouldn’t make you feel quilty of being a lesser person that you think you are.

These days when you seem to be getting nowhere might just be the days when you actually get to know yourself better. They might just be the days when you realize who you are and self-check the desires or objectives you’re “robotically” looking to fulfill. These days that “delay” you might just be the days that save you from working hard toward a goal that isn’t actually yours, but one that you’ve borrowed from the world of extra-ordinary people. Because step by step, day by day, you’ve been taught that only these matter.

And maybe you’re not one of them. Maybe what you want is to be healthy, have a loving family, a few true friends, a job that offers satisfaction and money just enough to live a decent life and enjoy its simple and rewarding pleasures.

Nothing extra-ordinary in that.

Yet communities, companies, civilizations owe their stable and harmonious existence to non-extraordinary people. The quiet ones, the hard-workers, the “followers” that everybody is trying so hard not to be considered as, but without whom none of the leaders or the revolutionaries – in any domain – wouldn’t get anywhere and wouldn’t get to see their visions actually taking shape. The kind and modest people without whom the world of “happiness gurus” and “success preachers” would be one where people wouldn’t smile unless paid to do so or, how they like to express it, “share a secret with us”.

My wonderful, non-extraordinary fellow human beings, sometimes just getting through the day is fine. Sometimes, just getting through the day is the best thing that you can do. And it’s all right.

Since nobody ever says it, I though I should. I thought, maybe, you too would like to hear it.

(foto: Vatra la Rucăr, Nicolae Grigorescu)


2 comments on “Getting Through The Day

  1. Monica Geana

    I just bookmarked your blog, this article alone convinced me.


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