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No, You Can’t Be Anything You Want To Be!

Initially I wanted to start my article by saying that I’m sorry for not telling you that you can be anything you want to be (when you probably need to hear that) and I wish I could. But it’s not true. And I am sure that those of you who have started to bloom – or are already enjoying the fruits of knowing who you are – understand me completely when I say… I am so so glad that you cannot be just anything, just any other anything in this world!

Because you can’t. You can’t be anything you want to be. Unless what you want to be is… anything – which is practically nothing in particular.

So if you want to be nothing or no one in particular, then yes, wake up every morning, be positive and tell yourself for the rest of your life that you can be anything you want. Feel happy about it and choose no particular path as it would be a waste of your magnificence to be just one thing, when you can be all… Let fantasy live your life for you, invest your hopes and your energy into Fata Morgana’s, for-ever and fast-changing into anything this world has to offer and you could so easily be. Dance your meaning away to the music of words that hold the promise that you can be anything you want to be if only… you sell your mortal soul, you sell your non-believer soul and replace it to one of a “new man” for whom nothing is impossible, for whom there is no loss and where magic is nothing but a tool with which to use the Universe to your benefit.

Ignore the life you’ve already lived, ignore the entire life that you have already grown and nurtured inside. Ignore your private long talks that you keep telling yourself that someday you will listen to, just not now, because now never seems to be the right time and there always seems to be more time left.

and remain in the Anything flow of things.

 Remember your colleagues in school who got straight A’s. They were good at anything, weren’t they? Maybe you secretly wished you were one of them. Where are they now? Do you still want to be one of them?

Look around to those you respect and admire. Take a quick look into the lives of those who make you happy to be living into the same world as them. How many said they could have been anything they wanted to be, and their fulfillment was just one of multiple choices, but they would have been as good, and as happy, with any other? How many started to conquer the world in multiple simultaneous adventures? And how many in fact have renounced their “universal magnificence” for the devotion to one thing and one thing only?

Whoever you want to be, you already know. You’ve always known. Maybe your parents guided you in a different direction, maybe your “intellectual” friends made it sound like your meaning would be worthless to them and it scared you. Maybe the company you are now working for on a daily basis gives you proof they would never reward you if you became You. Maybe it’s just a wild dream that makes you laugh. Maybe it’s something you lie to yourself that you’ll be doing later, when you retire. But you know. Just as you know what you can’t be – and you’re right-, you know what you are, if only as a bud at the moment.

Whoever you want to be, be that. Just please, don’t try to be anything you want to be. Instead, be who makes you yourself.

Why do you think Van Gogh’s voice didn’t challenge him to sing, build dams or run for president?


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