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What Is This Obsession With Leadership?

Take a look at “success requirements” these days. Actually, take a look at most of the Job Descriptions these days. Repeatedly, they mention “Leadership qualities”. If not already in place, then surely they must be present as potential. Leadership this, Leadership that. Everybody is already a leader or becoming one.

Seriously, how many Alpha personalities can a company or community take? And why does everybody seem to concentrate on them only? What happened to Beta – the Supporter-, or Delta – the reserved Visionary? These are also roles in the make-up of a community, whether social or professional, that are just as important!

I, too, admire Leaders. The real ones. And by that I don’t mean somebody who has a diploma issued by a no-matter-how-a-renowned Institute, that says „Has successfully completed the Leadership course”. But apart from the fact that we can all be leaders by simply mastering whatever it is that we’re doing, these Leadership qualities translated mainly as the ability to lead a team or a company, are, in fact, many times poorly used to express multiple other qualities. And that’s a shame.

I wish our society would become more „obsessed” with grooming Givers, who inspire us with their  modesty and involvement. Believers, who support those around them with an open heart. Creatives, who have this wonderful ability to make a Leader’s  Vision bloom.

I wish our society would stop fuelling this hierarchy in which being a Leader – and leading others – is the highest phase in one’s personal or professional evolution. This hierarchy that says „If you’re not a leader, then you’re not at the peak of your career and you don’t have the right to feel fulfilled”. Instead of creating this vertical success ladder, I wish we would focus on placing Leadership on a horizontal interdependence with other wonderful abilities.

I remember this saying by Margaret Thatcher, that Radu Furnica, the owner of Leadership Development Solutions, had marked on a board and put at the entrance of his firm: „Being a Leader is like being a Lady. If you have to tell people you are one, you are probably not”. It was the first thing I saw every day after I had joined Radu’s team. And the more I thought about it, the more I loved it. 

So to end, on one hand, there is absolutely no problem if you are not a leader, like The Leader. But if it says so on your business card, then you might want to think about it. On the other hand, if companies would stop creating this pressure of Leadership being “the true fulfillment of one’s career”, then maybe people would stop trying so hard to be something they’re not, and be happier at work simply because they are allowed and encouraged to be happy with whatever other wonderful abilities they have.

I’m all in for setting high standards, as long as they are set The Right Way.

(foto: Tăietorul de lemne, Ștefan Luchian)


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