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The Magic Ingredient for Success

This post isn’t about the secret 3-steps or the easy-to-follow recipe for quick and certain success. It’s not that I don’t believe in the possibility of having everything you need or desire within reach. I do. But there is a common element all these steps and recipes share and I have a problem with: the easiness in the process of accomplishment. The precooked part on this food for thought that so much resembles the processed food we eat these days: it takes us less time, it tastes great, but it comes with a risk to our health. We may calm down our hunger for the moment and feel full, but in the long run, we miss the nutrients we need to function harmoniously. The already prepared success recipes enchant us with their promise, and for the moment, the immediate moment after having read/heard them, make us feel like we’re already successful. Sadly, the risk they come with is to calm down our inner hunger for knowing who we really are and what really brings us joy. And instead of working within us, where true success happens first, they push us toward an outward point of reference, or validationand we become just another „copy and paste”.

It’s not a secret anymore (it if ever was one!): the core ingredients for success are about authenticity, giving your gifts to the world, doing it with all your heart (or be passionate about it), and believing in yourself. However, most of the recipes and success steps seem to place little importance on what I believe it’s the one magic glue that keeps all other ingredients together. The one magic, yet „dreaded”, element that makes all the difference between wishful thinking and reality: Hard Work. The effort that you put into every single step, with determination and dedication. The 99% perspiration, the rolled up sleeves and the time they take.

I have often heard people saying „Don’t work hard, work smart!”, assuming that the two are in opposition. Nothing further from the truth! Smart also needs hard. It’s just that smart doesn’t invest energy all around the place, or where it shouldn’t. But it still does. It just works hard in the right direction, or where it gets the highest Return on Investment if you wish.

Working hard keeps you focused on the goal, meaning that you’ll have more chances to recognize the opportunities, especially when they’re disguised. Working hard keeps you connected to your goal and helps your inner qualities and energies align with that goal. And the more aligned you are, the more one with your goal, the easier is for you to keep direction, regardless how the wind blows. And especially in those moments of stillness, when motivation quotes lose their power, when enthusiasm seems to have faded and you feel directionless. As it is in real life, in these moments that make you or break you, you have no one near to push you and tell you „Yes, you can!” or applaud you and give you confidence „Yes, I can, yes I really can!”. In these critical moments you are alone. And your only ally is an inner force that is aware of its strength because of all the hard work you have done. Knowing that you are powerful, and being one with your strength can only come from hard work.

Why do I call it magic? Goals come and go; outward success takes different shapes, depending on your next objective, on your next wish. But that solid rock you have built inside you – and continue to – is there with you forever. That solid rock is the one true recipe that will bring you success in any endeavor. Whatever happens, you have that staying power with you. Whatever happens, you are that staying power.

Look back to the years when you were nothing but an answer blowing in the wind, depending on others’ encouragement or validation. Now take a look at you, the solid rock of today, built with hard, hard work. Feel the difference. And now tell me: isn’t it magical?

(foto: Domnișoara Pogany, Constantin Brâncuși)


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