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In the Absence of Love

How sad. Inner strength seems to develop in the absence of love. Inner strength seems to be the ultimate surrogate for feeling loved externally. Just like a rough soil that has hardly been touched by the tender caresses of rain, or with no seed ever planted, with no stranger ever stopping to weep a few tears of hope onto the clay.

Yet, what makes the difference between strength and bitterness, as absence of love? What is it about the soil that becomes hard, yet continues to hold on to the promise of fertility? What makes one man strong, and another man bitter?

Is it DNA?

Is it faith?

Is it just a simple option?

And why does love, when it finally flourishes on these once arid territories, stay there for a lifetime? Why does it stop flinging and looking for something else? How come love becomes “for a lifetime” only where there is inner strength?

Are strong people the only ones who can “take” love? Does love herself have such an ardent need to be loved, to be longed for and yearned for, that she gives herself entirely only to those who have proved strong enough to cocoon such powerful feelings?

Because she doesn’t seem to fully develop in those who haven’t painfully experienced and haven’t been transformed by her absence. The more powerful the inner strength, the more happily and the longer she manifests.

How beautiful. Inner strength seems to develop in the absence of love. Inner strength seems to be love searching to find her “full self” in a human, at a particular point in time. Inner strength seems to be Love loving a human, just when the human doesn’t feel loved.

joc de copii dan hatmanu

(photo: A children’s play, Dan Hatmanu)



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