Rosana Nedelciu

Dezvoltare personală și profesională, cu cap și cu drag 'Smart with Heart' personal&professional development


arta infloririi umaneSuccess, prosperity and happy relationships are just mirrors of a flourishing human being, and not realities by themselves that you can reach by following a certain path or doing certain things. They only have meaning and are long-lasting when they emerge as a natural outcome of an authentic process of fulfillment.

My Human Flourishing concept focuses on the uniqueness of each human being; and while it does recognize the Mind and the Heart as equally useful tools for each and every individual fulfillment, it rejects to applying “ready to use” success and happiness recipes (as a “copy-paste” process).

“3 steps to happiness; 7 secrets to a wealthy life; 5 ways to become successful etc.” are simply minor pieces of information that you might find useful, but they will never be Your Path to success, happiness and prosperity.

Your Path is exactly as it says: yours and yours only. And whether it will take you 3 steps, or 100, or just 1 to be a flourishing human, and mirror yourself in all the wonderful ways that you are, it depends on your courage to go through the Caudine Forks of internal transformation. There are two starting keys to unlock your potential and make sure that you are on the right track: 1. Allow yourself to know yourself and 2. Acknowledge and embrace the uniqueness of your path

Start by creating your point of authenticity using these keys and embark on the ultimate adventure of your life: become the best version of yourself, become a flourishing human!

Human Flourishing stands for:

  • Hearty – because Vulnerability and Giving frees you from fear of rejection
  • Honest – because when you Open Up, you start a process that will open the doors to everything you reach for
  • Hard working – because your Perseverance and your daily Efforts make the difference between just having a vision and actually making it real
  • Humorous – because Laughter is a good medicine and a surprisingly insightful companion
  • Hurt – because no Evolution comes when you don’t feel the need to “repair”
  • Healed – because your Scars give you wisdom and the power of appreciation
  • Hopeful– because Hope is what inspires you to reach for new horizons and evolve
  • Harmonious – because where Harmony lies, there is no room for frustration within you
  • Happy – because you simply need it, if only just from time to time 🙂

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