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Detaliul care face diferența la angajare

Ești față în față cu managerul angajator, sau ”șeful” postului pentru care ai aplicat. E clar că ai (ceva din) competențele profesionale necesare. Altfel, n-ai fi aici. Și v-apucați și vorbiți … Continue reading

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Managementul forte (sau viziunea 18+)

Ca orice profesionist atras de zările corporatiste, cizelat în ăst spațiu rom-englez, cu un picior la noi și unul ”la ei”, m-am aflat de multe ori în tot felul de … Continue reading

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The Willingness to Follow Builds the Ability to Lead

In a time when more and more people feel the need to leave their mark on the world by becoming leaders, it takes a special kind of courage to show … Continue reading

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Doamna Ana și CEO-ul

Doamna Ana a ieșit la pensie într-o zi de vară; joi era. Și-a luat salariul pe ultima lună lucrată și, drept recompensă pentru cei 15 (cincisprezece) ani dedicați companiei multinaționale … Continue reading

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What Is This Obsession With Leadership?

Take a look at “success requirements” these days. Actually, take a look at most of the Job Descriptions these days. Repeatedly, they mention “Leadership qualities”. If not already in place, … Continue reading

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Tips On Making HR Your Best Partner

Given my experience in executive search, when I took over the HR department of a multinational company, I had already been ”acquainted” with the attitude of many Managers toward their … Continue reading

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When Hiring On Recommendation Works Against Performance

I was talking about jobs and interviews the other day and I realized that there is one aspect that makes the corporate world kind of funny. Everybody talks about KPIs … Continue reading

18/05/2014 · 2 Comments

Distinguish Yourself As A Leader, Not A Boss

People are so eager to find out how-to recipes and success pills, very concentrated if possible. People are so eager to reach the top quickly, to see that they have … Continue reading

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Leadership In Class vs Leadership In Real Life

No doubt that this movement of positive thinking has impacted us all, and in the area of personal development it has become a hip trend. But where lies the demarcation line … Continue reading

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It’s Not Your Manager, It’s You!*

They say employees leave managers, not companies. I disagree. Surely nobody leaves a company, how could we? The entity itself is purely conceptual. A company is no more than a … Continue reading

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When Was The Last Time You Used FUN to Motivate?

I found this experiment called The Fun Theory (by VW) and I remembered one of the big big mistakes that CEOs and HR Managers do: they ignore the fun factor. … Continue reading

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How Do You Recognize The Right Coach For You?

Over X years of experience, PMD, SSG, FDR certified (yes, they are supposed to be random, sorry if I actually name a real one!) with an excellent smile in the … Continue reading

23/11/2013 · 2 Comments

You’re A Good Professional But No Executive Search Firm Has Contacted You. What’s Their Excuse? What’s Yours?

During the years, I’ve had many good professionals asking me “How come no executive search firm contacted me about a job?” and these weren’t complaints coming only from middle management, … Continue reading

28/10/2013 · 1 Comment

Decent Questions For Wanna Be Entrepreneurs

Social media, websites that teach you how to build a career for yourself, books that promise to transform you in the creator of your own life – they all seem … Continue reading

02/10/2013 · 27 Comments

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