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Ce așteptări ai de la Vocație?

Văd că, din ce în ce mai des, cuvântul ”vocație” este direct legat de bani, succes și relații fericite. Cumva, ea, vocația, ar fi doar una dintre căile către așa … Continue reading

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Surprinzătorul dar al lui NU

A venit vremea să discutăm puțin și despre partea NLP care sfătuiește omul să fugă de NU ca dracul de tămâie. Eu înțeleg că atunci când îți setezi un obiectiv folosind … Continue reading

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What I Learned about The Right Path

As a teenager with a talent for languages and communications, I shocked everybody when, just a few months before choosing my preferred area for higher studies, I announced I wanted … Continue reading

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E cald în autobuz. Zăpușeală. Lume multă, înghesuită și lipicioasă. Încruntată. Pe geamul care desparte șoferul de călători tronează cu litere de-o șchioapă un mesaj important: Autobuzul este dotat cu … Continue reading

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Doamna Ana și CEO-ul

Doamna Ana a ieșit la pensie într-o zi de vară; joi era. Și-a luat salariul pe ultima lună lucrată și, drept recompensă pentru cei 15 (cincisprezece) ani dedicați companiei multinaționale … Continue reading

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The Magic Ingredient for Success

This post isn’t about the secret 3-steps or the easy-to-follow recipe for quick and certain success. It’s not that I don’t believe in the possibility of having everything you need … Continue reading

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What Is This Obsession With Leadership?

Take a look at “success requirements” these days. Actually, take a look at most of the Job Descriptions these days. Repeatedly, they mention “Leadership qualities”. If not already in place, … Continue reading

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On Winners Dealing with Failure, Lady Learning and Charming Mr. Bond

A winner is a man who has learned how to position himself correctly in relation to his past failures. I heard it the other day and just loved it. Unlike … Continue reading

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Tips On Making HR Your Best Partner

Given my experience in executive search, when I took over the HR department of a multinational company, I had already been ”acquainted” with the attitude of many Managers toward their … Continue reading

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What Is Your Inward Success Story?

I often ask my partners (as I call my clients) about the kind of success they want to achieve. Where are they first looking for validation? Outward, as a public … Continue reading

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Birthing Ideas Doesn’t Have the Option of a C-section

I apologize for my absence for the past few months. I am very close to birthing a second writing project dear to my heart – a book on one of … Continue reading

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When Hiring On Recommendation Works Against Performance

I was talking about jobs and interviews the other day and I realized that there is one aspect that makes the corporate world kind of funny. Everybody talks about KPIs … Continue reading

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Distinguish Yourself As A Leader, Not A Boss

People are so eager to find out how-to recipes and success pills, very concentrated if possible. People are so eager to reach the top quickly, to see that they have … Continue reading

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Leadership In Class vs Leadership In Real Life

No doubt that this movement of positive thinking has impacted us all, and in the area of personal development it has become a hip trend. But where lies the demarcation line … Continue reading

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